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From: World Bank PLC

Date: 2012/08/06 03:14:16 PM
To: undisclosed recipients: ,
Subject: Funds Remittance Department
Please see the attached file for details.

Funds Remittance Department
Direct e-mail: filepaymentcenter
World Bank
Direct Line: +27711341699

After a joint meeting of the Federal Executive Council (FEC), the Senate Committee on Foreign Debts reconciliation and the Presidential Payment and Implementation Panel on Contract/ inheritance fund under Category, which was addressed and headed by the President of the South Africa, JACOB ZUMA (GCFR). It became imperative to contact you on the subject matter. This meeting was initiated as part of the recent image laundering scheme of the federal government of South Africa.

During the meeting, so many negative reports were tabled on behalf of our numerous contractors and foreign personnel’s on how unfairly they have been treated and extorted by some corrupt government officials who were vested with the authority to pay them their entitlements. The most annoying and irritating aspect of it all is that they could not effect payment to these foreign beneficiaries after subjecting them to so much stress and trauma. So the WORLD BANK AFRICAN Region South Africa has being instructed to carry out the payment to you.

So for you to receive your fund which is worth $2.5M United States Dollars all you need to do is to choose an option amongst the below options on how you will prefer to get your funds.

(1) Online Wire Transfer (OWT)

Full Name:_____________
Full Address:___________________
Phone Number:___________________
Bank Name:____________________
Account Number:__________________
Swift Code:________________________

(2) ATM Card

Full Name:______________
Full Address:___________________
Phone Number:_________________

(3) Certified Bank Draft

Full Name:___________
Full Address:_______________
Phone Number:_____________

Kindly choose the method you will like to receive your funds with and get back to me so that we can proceed on this matter worldbankpaymentcenterfile1 @gmail.comOR filepaymentcenter

Funds Remittance Department
World Bank
Direct Line:+27711341699